A romantic love shoot in Amsterdam with Carmen and Alvin

A couple of months ago I got an inquiry by Carmen for a love shoot in Amsterdam. However, I was not available and so they adjusted their trip from Hong Kong to Amsterdam. I was very honored and was very curious to meet them. We met in Amsterdam at the City Center on a rainy day in Summer. My favorite area is the 7 bridges area because you have fewer tourists there and still the iconic houses at the Canals.

Carmen and Alvin met through ballet dancing and so I was interested in incorporating their ballet love into our photo shoot. As humble and kind they are they were very happy about. And so we combined a love shoot in Amsterdam with their passion for each other and ballet. Within the hour we were together it changed from dry to sunny to rainy a couple of times but they were not bothered. And we even saw the advantages of a quick summer rain: the streets were all empty for a short while. Just for us.

When walking as a couple with a flower bouqet through Amsterdam the locals are very happy to congratulate. And although these two did not need encouragment they were very happy for the affection they received. The flower bouqet was indeed no wedding bouqet but still very important for Carmen, she brought it all the way from Hong Kong. As a wedding photographer I always like to have the bouqet out of the pictures because it distracts the moments between the couple. But with them, it added just to their happiness.