What to wear to my family shoot?

I totally get this question before I am heading to my photo shoot in Amsterdam. Although I aim for natural pictures nothing looks fuzzier than a mismatched outfit throughout the family members. Therefore I created a little help that gives you enough freedom to create your own style for your photo shoot and still not feel awkward and dressed up.

Family shoot outfits? The solution is in your closet!

It is really not that difficult. My first advice is to choose a color palette and mix within this palette. The palette can be even warm or cold colors. During spring and summer time it is better to go for a warm palette. If you have white, yellow, orange, red, dark red etc. You can combine white pants with a yellow top, your kids go with a red dress, yellow pants, and white shirt. or a red shirt and white vest. The combination is up to you. This way you can combine and still have a harmonious look.

What can I avoid during the family shoot?

Stripes don’t look very good in pictures. Big floral prints can look great on a dress and also picture but only if only 1 person has them on. Family shoot outfits where one person wears a floral print, one with a text and the other with stripes draws too much attention on the outfits. Another point for you family shoot outfit is the question you should all wear the same. It is really not looking that great when everyone shows up in jeans and white shirts and especially it is not very unique. However, if you really like to. I am more than happy to shoot it that way for you.

Can I bring my hat?

Yes of course. Everything that is you is of course welcome. Because then you feel comfortable and that is visible in the pictures we will take for your family shoot.