Wedding photographer Amsterdam Silviya Sobaci

Hi, I am Silviya.

Welcome! My name is Silviya, and I am a wedding photographer who lives in beautiful Amsterdam with her wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

My journey to becoming a wedding photographer began during my studies in Switzerland, where I lived and learned for 12 months. Not long after, I met and fell head over heels in love with my husband. Because love will take you wherever your heart wants to go, I ended up in Amsterdam to marry the love of my life. I eventually resumed my Media & Culture studies back in 2005.

Fast forward ten years, and after working as an independent web designer and WordPress coach, I was ready for a change. I discovered wedding photography was a natural fit for me and an excellent outlet for my creativity. Through this new art form, I can combine my love for romance and artistic flair to create truly stunning photography.

With experience, an eye for detail, and a love for romance I utilize my skills to capture your most precious moments. When you choose me to be your wedding photographer, you can be confident I will be there for you every step of the way.

Yes, I Do too.

I love weddings since forever and I can tell you now already that I will love your wedding too. I am looking forward to every wedding shoot because of all the surprises, happy faces, little crises (let’s be honest, they happen) and most of all EMOTIONS. I am a mess every single time when the father of the bride gives his speech or walks her down the aisle.

I offer different packages that you can view here and my favorite is the whole day package.

I love the getting ready phase as everyone tells stories and has a good laugh before the big storm. I look every time forward to the moment of the first look, the walking down the aisle, the portraits, the dinner – obviously – and then the Party!

If you like to see me pressing the shutter to the beat you know which package to book 🙂

So take a look at my site and if you like it write me an email so we can meet up and get to know each other.

Cheers, Silviya

Take my hand

Say I Do

Book a loveshoot

What i offer


This is my core offer. Beautiful wedding photography that is delivered in a beautiful album. Simple as that.

Fast delivery

Are you like me and hate waiting for something special? Good news: as I totally anticipate with you, you can book upfront a speed delivery option. I will make then sure that all men on board will work extra fast to deliver your pictures within 5 days.

After wedding shoot

So you did not have enough time for the portraits, or the weather was too bad or you simply can’t let go of your dress? Then we can arrange an after wedding shoot for you two. No time pressure, just the three of us.


Let’s get to know each other and start easing up infront of the camera. Book your wedding package and plan your loveshoot. Also you can book only a loveshoot. Prices are 295 incl. all pictures and travel within 50km.

Slide show

The ‘Princess’ and ‘Queen’ packages are coming with a slide show: Your best 50 pictures that  tell your story with a wonderful tune. Keep that likes coming once you share them on facebook.


In my off time, I love to travel. So needless to say I’d go anywhere you want me to. Within 150 km from Amsterdam, I don’t charge any travel costs. However, travel time is not charged.

Handcrafted Albums

Every booked shoot comes with an album. But print is the best way to view your day over and over again and therefore I offer really special handcrafted Albums in high quality made in a small company in Portugal.

Card designs

Would you love to have your save the date cards, invitations or complete printed stationary designed? Then ask for my help, I love typography, photoshop and can simply design anything you want.

Online Gallery

Your photographs will be all delivered in a beautiful online gallery that you can easily share with your family and friends. It is password protected, offers high resolution and/or web optimized downloads and is super fast to view.

Handcrafted albums

A bit more special than the rest

Ask for pricelist


Every client want’s a different product and so the prices do change from client to client. I have several packages available which include shooting hours until deep in the night, Albums, Prints and Slideshows.

Basic Package starts at € 1150 and includes:

  • 6 hours photography
  • Delivery within 2 weeks

If you would like to have more information on pricing and possibilities please write me via the contact form or directly via info<@>

Keep the moments where they belong. Forever

A wedding is a beautiful event. Everyone is coming to celebrate the best thing in the world: love. And as your love is very special to them a lot of emotions will come loose. You will be in such a trance that you barely notice everything that goes on around you.

I will capture those moments so you can cherish them for the next decades and generations to come.

My main goal is to blend in, be a part of your day and capture all the moments that are happening. To give you the joy of reliving the best day of your live.

Kind Words

Silviya is really a great peoples photographer. Her documentary style tells a story. She is great to work with, a lovely character and professional.

– Suus & Jelger

Kind Words

Silviya, i don’t know what to say besides Thank You. However that is not enough because you really touched me with these pictures. I love every single one of them.

Thank you so much. I could cry all the time as you gave me my most beautiful day for eternity.

 – Keti & Costa

Kind Words

The pictures are really really beautiful. Our compliments and thank you so much.

Kristin and Lutz

Kind Words

Silviya, you could not have done a better job or made us more happy! We are in love with the pictures, they capture the ‘feel’ of the day perfectly and it was a joy to have you around!

Mirjam & Jason

Kind words

1000 x thank you. You gave us so many memories. Thank you!

Nadine & Phillip

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